Kids Voting Buncombe County
Sunday, September 21, 2014


Kids Voting BC Update: On December 11, 2013 the board appointed a 3 person committee to pursue and facilitate alternative approaches to perpetuate the mission of Kids Voting Buncombe County.  Additional updates will be made in early 2014.

Our Mission: Kids Voting Buncombe County is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to securing the future of democracy by educating and involving youth in the election process today.

Our Objective: To educate students Grades K-12 of the rights and responsibilities associated with voting and to stimulate critical thinking skills necessary for making informed judgments as voters.


Why the Kids Voting Program is important:
  • Creates an informed electorate
  • Develops lifetime citizenship and voting habits in youth

Kids Voting Buncombe County partners with schools, youth organizations, after-school programs, parents, community members and election officials to offer students a wide range of opportunities for civic learning:
  • A K-12 Civics Curriculum that introduces students to the concepts of citizenship in the earliest grades and continues throughout their school years. This ongoing education develops skills and habits for living in a democracy.
  • Civics activities that are tools to help teachers meet the standards outlined in the North Carolina curriculum standard and can be fully integrated into the current classroom curriculum.

  • After preparation students take part in a voting experience in school, on-line and in designated adult polling places using a ballot adapted from the adult ballot with the same candidates and issues This practice voting reinforces the knowledge and skills gained through Kids Voting classroom activities.

  • Kids Voting offers a community service opportunity for High School Students. As part of our KV High School Forum, students raise election awareness, facilitate in-school voting, promote voter registration to students turning 18, encourage participation in the KV election and advise Kids Voting-Buncombe County on student issues. They are trained as KV precinct captains and volunteers and can earn community service credit.

Our program is school-based and made available to all public and private school teachers throughout Buncombe County for students in grades K-12.

This combination of classroom instruction, a practice voting experience and family dialogue makes Kids Voting a powerful strategy for achieving long-term voting behavior.

More than 45,000 student ballots have been cast with Kids Voting Buncombe County since 2000.